Murder in Garforth

It seems odd that a tragic event in Garforth should have a marked effect on the number of visitors and hits on my Parlington history site but whilst viewing the stats and looking at the Google Analytics pages, I noticed that the reason for the upsurge was because many people were searching Google with the following keywords: “Garforth, Murder”, and using those same words I discovered that the Parlington site was listed on the first page of Google, leading to a reference in the unlikely titled “Oddness” section where I relate a tale of witchcraft, the murder of a Gamekeeper, and also the more recent (1975) discovery of a buried corpse near the former lake, below Parlington Hollins!

eBay Irritations, am I being Gazumpted? [Rant]

A recent eBay auction for a postcard of Parlington Hall circa 1941 went beyond my budget and I was disappointed to miss the card, however I made some enquiries and did manage to obtain a reasonable digital version; frankly this is all I need to do analysis and set out the conclusions in future articles, the actual card is not required.… Read the full article

Lost Painting of Parlington Hall

I wrote about a water colour painting of Parlington Hall which had been found in a skip, it features in an earlier post,
The picture above is of the painting; for over a year I have carefully steered a path towards having the picture recovered and returned to its rightful home, Lotherton Hall, where it will be displayed for the interest of the general public.… Read the full article