October 2020 Advertiser Article

Recently acquired family papers delivered to Lotherton Hall, bequeathed by a Gascoigne relative, are providing new insights into, and filling many gaps in the family story. One very glaring absence is the complete lack of any photographs of Colonel Frederick Trench-Gascoigne, or his wife Isabella. But at least Isabella and her sister Elizabeth feature on a drawing and later engraving, titled ‘Peris of the North’, clearly from their early adulthood.… Read the full article

Rest in Peace Meg

After a bad couple of weeks, our dog Meg has today passed away, she was around 14 years old or 98 in dog years, she has always been a true and faithful friend to all the family, and our friends also, so her passing is a great loss. I have selected a suitable location to bury her here at Parlington, following in the long tradition that the Gascoigne family undertook with their pets, as far back as the nineteenth century at least, to my knowledge.… Read the full article