I just had to add this!

This is a real laugh, it sums up exactly the corrupt science of global warming. Bye the way I emailed the met office about how the notian that CO² can re-heat the Earth as it absorbs the outgoing infra-red radiation, simply asked if they could explain it in the context of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.… Read the full article


Lotherton Panorama Jan 2010

Following the purchase of Manfrotto Pano head [Mentioned in an earlier post here] I am now busy producing exciting wide angle shots from locations around Yorkshire, and beyond. The picture above is a 17″ [42cms] wide reproduction of Lotherton Hall, resplendent in the thick coating of winter snow! Below is a detail view at 100% of the same image.… Read the full article

Thought for the Day!

Ruins of St Mary's Abbey York

Whilst strolling around York yesterday afternoon, on a dull St Valentine’s Day, I took the opportunity to get some pictures of St Mary’s a ruined Benedictine Abbey [Wikipedia reference], in the grounds of the Yorkshire Museum, the photo above is of the west wall and the return with the open arch on the north elevation.… Read the full article