Government Control of the Internet?

The following YouTube video about the sinister machinations of the global political elite, or more P.C. the world’s governments, to restrict the Internet is worth watching. Keep an eye out for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), it’s being organized by a government-controlled UN agency called the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).… Read the full article

iPad Post!

Quick test to see how easy it is to write post on an iPad! Simple, I really like the keyboard, much easier and quicker than an iPhone. I also note that if you type iPad, it automatically inserts the correct capitalisation. All done in a matter of seconds.

Sent from my iPad!

How Does Flickr Work?

I have 958 photographs (as of todays date) on Flickr and I also have 2,381 views. But on looking at my pages I note that the stats are wildly adrift, on one page alone of pictures of the cellar at Parlington for example I have over 3,000 views! So what’s going on is this something to do with the sad situation of Yahoo… can’t they find the right people anymore to do justice to the sites they operate.… Read the full article

Apple & Steve Jobs

Apple Icon
Those who know me will have no doubt that I am upset by the resignation of Steve Jobs… heck I’ve been using Apple products since the beginning of the nineties! I bought my first Apple machine in Hong Kong and remember looking at the “Next Cube” at an exhibition as an alternative and wondered whether it represented a better bet, but I stuck with my purchase of the PowerBook 140, I’ve never wavered since, despite some tricky times before Steve Jobs returned in 1997.… Read the full article