A Walk on the Old Railway Line

View Through the Light Arch

A recent stroll along the old Fly-line armed with my camera, gave me time to reflect on the beauty of nature, and no matter how many times I choose the old railway route and Parlington Lane I am always enchanted by the landscape, particularly this view as you come out of the Light Arch heading towards Aberford.… Read the full article

Frost Damage to the Round Building

Round Building Damage

The extreme winter conditions have had a toll on the roads and many buildings, however I was dismayed to discover that the Round Building in Parlington Park, classed as either a Deer Shelter, or Cattle Shelter according to the listing on English Heritage, had partly collapsed no doubt due to the movement caused by frost followed by thawing conditions.… Read the full article

The Round House

Round House with roof?

The Round House, designed by William Lindley, or as it is referred to by English Heritage, the Deer Shelter and others as a cattle shelter, as it might have looked after it was built in c1802. After a brief inspection over the weekend, dodging the showers, I managed to inspect some stonework lying in the central area and was pleased to discover what appears to be a quadrant shaped stone.… Read the full article

Historian visits the Triumphal Arch

An american authoress, Prof. Stephanie Barczewski, a specialist in modern British history at Clemson University in South Carolina, USA, visited Parlington last weekend to learn about the Triumphal Arch for a new book she is undertaking. We met and discussed what I know of the history of the monument and the reasons for it being built.… Read the full article