Liberty in the USA but not for the UK

triumphal arch
I am deeply enraged that the United States Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, a Mr Philip Gordon has the temerity to lecture us on our relationship with the EU. [BBC Radio Four, Today programme, this date.] Given the time honoured principle of democracy we have become accustomed to associate with the USA, and indeed the support goes way back, as we know from the Triumphal Arch the long standing monument to American Liberty on the Parlington Estate; shown above, [click on the photo to visit the associated history pages].… Read the full article

Triumphal Arch to Feature in New Book

Some time ago I was contacted by a lady who was researching for a book about Georgian garden buildings, she had come across one of my pictures of the Triumphal Arch on Flickr and requested it be included for consideration in the upcoming book about Georgian garden buildings. Naturally I was pleased one of my pictures was in contention for a place in the book, although I have to say its not the one I would have used, however, never look a gift horse in the mouth… and anything which raises the profile of Parlington gets my vote!… Read the full article

Photos are King

Parlington Driveway Ground Mist

Yesterday I posted some pictures of Tewkesbury, which I believe set the scene in that part of the world, but remember local photographs of Parlington can hold up against most things. The picture here is of the driveway with a slight mist affecting the ground levels but the trees are dreamlike, and all is enhanced by a wild sky.… Read the full article

A Picture of the Marble Arch, London

Marble Arch, the site of Tyburn

Marble Arch, London

During a weekend trip to London, for me it was important to make a visit to Marble Arch, one of many, to view again this edifice built in 1828 to a design by John Nash to form an entrance to Buckingham Palace. It was moved in 1851 to its present location, nearby the location of the then removed Tyburn Gallows.… Read the full article

Out of the Blue

Moody view of the Triumphal Arch

Moody view of the Triumphal Arch

Yesterday the post arrived and out of the blue was a large packet, with the words “Please Do Not Bend” emblazened across the top left corner. I had no idea what it could be as I was not expecting anything. So imagine my delight when I discovered that it contained a photograph from 1914 of Parlington being used as a hospital; a fact, hitherto unknown.… Read the full article

A Weekend in Norfolk

Rotunda in the Market Place Swaffham

After a tedius drive down the A1 and then across country on the A17 to Kings Lynn, bypassing Sleaford thankfully, and on along the A47, we arrived at our destination, Swaffham, a country market town in the heart of Norfolk. The small country town was a favoured meeting place in the eighteenth century, for visiting gentry, and the Rotunda shown above was the centre of their activities along with the nearby Meeting Rooms.… Read the full article