Parlington Oil Paintings Exhibition

Sunset over Barwick in Elmet

This coming October, 4th-11th each day from 10:00am- 4:30pm, is an exhibition at Aberford Interiors featuring the paintings by the internationally acknowledged artist Anthony Christian. He and his wife Marian, enjoy a quiet and thoughtful existence in the grand old Gardens House, just up the hill from the site of the old hall.… Read the full article

A Weekend in Norfolk

Rotunda in the Market Place Swaffham

After a tedius drive down the A1 and then across country on the A17 to Kings Lynn, bypassing Sleaford thankfully, and on along the A47, we arrived at our destination, Swaffham, a country market town in the heart of Norfolk. The small country town was a favoured meeting place in the eighteenth century, for visiting gentry, and the Rotunda shown above was the centre of their activities along with the nearby Meeting Rooms.… Read the full article

Parlington Talk at Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Celebrates 40 Years

I am giving a talk at Lotherton Hall on Saturday 31st October, 2:00-3:00 pm, it is open to all comers and is advertised at Lotherton and on their web site. The talk is a computer based ‘slide’ show, dealing with the uncovering and discovery of the demolished mansion house of the Gascoigne family and tracks what has been unearthed, literally in some cases, in recent years.… Read the full article

Internet Links

I am regularly asked by friends, “email that link won’t you”, so here is a list of bookmarks I use from time to time on subjects of interest, some of these you may find interesting, but more than the “Steve Davies” [former Snooker Champion] sense of that word! The links are on the Bookmark Sharing Page, in the column to the right.… Read the full article

Country Life Magazine

A reader of the Country Life magazine sent a letter to the editor about a painting they had of Parlington, a water colour, I was later contacted and asked if I could supply a picture for the magazine for their response to the the reader. The picture below is of the item in the September 2nd 2009 edition.… Read the full article

Geophysical Research

The old hall footprint is well established as a result of the ground plan produced by George Fowler Jones architectural parctice in 1885, this is still in existence and held I believe at Temple Newsam. I obtained a digital copy of the reference photograph some years ago and have used it extensively to assist in discovering how the parts of the hall were aligned on the ground.… Read the full article

The Round House

Round House with roof?

The Round House, designed by William Lindley, or as it is referred to by English Heritage, the Deer Shelter and others as a cattle shelter, as it might have looked after it was built in c1802. After a brief inspection over the weekend, dodging the showers, I managed to inspect some stonework lying in the central area and was pleased to discover what appears to be a quadrant shaped stone.… Read the full article