Lost Gadget

The picture shown here was discovered today [6th November], that is a device with an SD Memory card in it with the picture on the card. It was found poking out of the mud on Parlington Lane, at the rear of the Dark Arch, so if you know who these people are, I may be able to restore to them the device they lost, and yes despite lying in the mud it still works!… Read the full article

Lost Cat :: Matilda

Update 9th November Remembrance Sunday, Matilda returned at just after 11:00am following a two minute silence! Thank you.
Sadly our cat disappeared yesterday, she is called Matilda and is tortoiseshell colour, with white on her tummy. She is pictured here a couple of summers back in the garden. Normally she is in and out of the house throughout the day, but yesterday [5th November 2008] she was not seen after about 10.00am.… Read the full article