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A Sign of the Times – Nothing really changes!

A quotation I recently chanced upon, set out below:

He says that, on his arrival at Cambridge, he found that the undergraduates drank hard, and that their conversation was even worse than their lives. As for work, they did none at all, but passed their time in cock-fighting, drinking, and creating disturbances.

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Parlington Rally :: Rally of the Tests, Thumbs Down!

Brochure Extract from the Upcoming Rally

Rally of the Tests
Click on the picture to visit the Classic Rally Web site in a new window.

Another sad tale; earlier in the year I met with Peter Scott a notable local Rally Driver who also runs Bretts Fish Restaurant in Headingley. Any how turning to the rally rather than the fish suppers.… Read the full article

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Forest Floor is Locked Down

Forest Floor Lock

During a walk through the woods here in Parlington, I came across this extraordinary scene, there on the floor of the forest was a lock and clasp in the tangle of dead leaves. It is as if there is a doorway to the lower extremities of the planet, a kind of door to Hell itself, do not pass Purgatory, continue straight down to Hell!… Read the full article

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Barbecue Turkey and a Weber!

Christmas Turkey BBQ

The intro photo was taken on Christmas day by my eldest daughter, Pip, she thought it worth capturing the moment! I have cooked the Christmas turkey on a Weber BBQ since the late 80’s. The BBQ in the image is the fifth I have owned, and with the ash collection system beneath the kettle, is, I can testify, the best yet!… Read the full article

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Clamour of the Times

Professor Philip Stott

A blog by Professor Philip Stott [Emeritus Professor of Biogeography, University of London], is always a refreshing read, recently however his usually productive output had slowed to less than a trickle, so how pleased to see he had started up again at The clamour of our times. If you want to read a realistic and huorous take on the daily political circus, drop by his site.… Read the full article


You couldn’t make it Up!

The almost bare provisions cupboard in the kitchen and half empty shelves in the fridge, drove me on an involuntary trip to the local supermarket in Garforth, Tesco. Whilst at the checkout I recalled a recent item on the news about a shopper and her daughter being refused the purchase of a bottle of wine because the daughter, although she was not the purchaser, was unable to provide evidence of her age.… Read the full article


Change of Type Style

If you enjoy reading articles on the web, you may feel that the typefaces used leave much to be desired. So much creativity is lost due to restrictions in the use of copyright protected type. Reading on computers has never been as easy as on traditional paper, much effort went into the early Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) to create a font which would look good for the interface elements, such as the menu items.… Read the full article


Digitizing Old LP’s

I have been sorting out my old collection of vinyl records, ready for digitization and came across one which I believe is quite rare. The album was produced in 1971 by Traditional Sound Recordings of Macclesfield, titled, “The Parting Glass” by Jon Rennard a Leeds based folk artist of some talent, who was killed that year.… Read the full article



Snow first of 2008Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

This image has been added using a new utility called Skitch, it’s still in Beta and I believe only available for Mac computers. It’s from the same people who make Comic Life, which has got to be one of the best “fun to use programmes” I’ve ever come across Plasq.comRead the full article