Huhne Ex-Minister... Horray!Image file courtesy of Wikipedia

I wrote about the ‘orrible hewn last year following his adamant rejection of his alleged crime, well he’s finally done the right thing! What does it take with these people, are they so arrogant that they plough on regardless, believing themselves bullet proof, until the last moment before the Judge in court.… Read the full article

More on the Bias of the BBC

I wrote recently, not expecting any landslide of rubbled response, but in order to add my observations to the many in the bloggesphere at the disgraceful manner in which the BBC deliberately sides with leftist agendas, in almost all the serious reporting that it outputs. My earlier post titled: “Pictures Representing Mood” set out the blatant abuse by the BBC of its charter obligations in respect of its reporting and commenting on all matters associated with the Earth’s climate, and in particular the shoddy treatment of a lone blogger, Tony Newbury, who had attempted to obtain information about a meeting held by the BBC to set future policy on its climate reporting.… Read the full article

Pesky CO2;

The endless diatribe from so many sources about the coming armageddon, brought on by mankind’s enrichment of the atmosphere with CO² has always left me cold! The notion of empirical science, went out of the window when we were told of the “consensus” of climate scientists. No matter what blunders they made, like the disclosure of megabytes of emails showing the players concealing data and obfuscating anything that might have shown that CO² was not the culprit.… Read the full article

Pictures Representing Mood

Here is a very dark view of the tunnel on Parlington Lane, built between circa 1812-14. This artistic view at the east end, represents my dark mood when I heard of yet more scandal at the BBC. [Click on the picture for a larger version]

It really is time to let the forces of commercialism act upon the funding for the out of control leviathan.… Read the full article

A New Industrial Landscape in the Dales

Electricity Generation in the UK

Yorkshire has a mixture of good and bad when it comes to the landscape, those areas which were once the backbone of the Industrial Revolution, have largely disappeared, leaving behind a post industrial wasteland. Sheffield and Rotherham for example were heavily polluted by the steel making, but rather than refining our techniques and cleaning them up so we could demonstrate to the World we could make the heavy stuff and still have a decent environment we exported much of our expertise to the less developed part of the World.… Read the full article

Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

Huhne Ex-Minister... Horray!Image file courtesy of Wikipedia

It seems that it is time to celebrate, whether or not the Huhne person is found guilty of perverting the course of justice or not. He is a dead parrot as far as his ministry of climate change is concerned. The question remains though, will his departure herald a new awareness of practical and sensible policies in respect of the energy crisis, he and his ilk have created.… Read the full article

An Interesting Take on Climate Change

The Cock Beck in Full Flow under Aberford Bridge

Cock Beck in Aberford Overflowing

The debate over man induced climate change continues with the new [ConDem] government making PC noises about costs associated with combatting AGW [Anthropogenic Global Warming]. To me the idea that they can do anything or that it is expedient given the evidence is a huge fabrication, but it keeps on rearing its “Hydra”, using a different head for each imagined fear: Sea Level Rises; Increased precipitation; glacier melt; artic ice sheet reduction; etc.,… Read the full article

I just had to add this!

This is a real laugh, it sums up exactly the corrupt science of global warming. Bye the way I emailed the met office about how the notian that CO² can re-heat the Earth as it absorbs the outgoing infra-red radiation, simply asked if they could explain it in the context of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.… Read the full article

Warmageddon: A breath of FRESH Air?


When I was at school, I recall being taught physics and it is the lasting recollections of that time that have caused me to be confused about the science of climate change; the present daily dose of verbal abuse from our political apparatchiks and the endless stream of doom from the msm (main stream media), have left me wanting to know the truth about what is happening.… Read the full article