No York on Google Maps

I was browsing Google Maps the other day and I noticed that York, one of England’s most celebrated cities does not warrant a label on Google Maps! Something of a serious oversight I believe!

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A Short YouTube Video explaining the Cookie law

This site uses cookies via Google Analytics for the purpose of recording traffic, I don’t know anything about the user other than simple facts like Browser type, Operating System, screen resolution etc. As it stands, tracking the visitors is simply a measure of the volume of readers, which can be analysed in a variety of ways, harmless!… Read the full article

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

Huhne Ex-Minister... Horray!Image file courtesy of Wikipedia

It seems that it is time to celebrate, whether or not the Huhne person is found guilty of perverting the course of justice or not. He is a dead parrot as far as his ministry of climate change is concerned. The question remains though, will his departure herald a new awareness of practical and sensible policies in respect of the energy crisis, he and his ilk have created.… Read the full article