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Posting Here Again

The recent pandemic which has caused the modern world to go into a paroxysm of isolation and lock down, has also brought to a temporary halt my monthly articles on Parlington for the Advertiser. I did think of putting them on FaceBook but I find articles in the history are difficult to get to beyond a few back.… Read the full article

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House Rejuvenation, a Small Tidbit

My ability to add articles here and more importantly to continue to set out the history of Parlington Hall on my main Parlington site has taken something of a back seat over the last few months as I have been seriously modifying rooms, and rejuvenating the rather tired look of the property we bought last year.… Read the full article

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Apple & Steve Jobs

Apple Icon
Those who know me will have no doubt that I am upset by the resignation of Steve Jobs… heck I’ve been using Apple products since the beginning of the nineties! I bought my first Apple machine in Hong Kong and remember looking at the “Next Cube” at an exhibition as an alternative and wondered whether it represented a better bet, but I stuck with my purchase of the PowerBook 140, I’ve never wavered since, despite some tricky times before Steve Jobs returned in 1997.… Read the full article

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Mobile Edition Launched

Well in case you are into mobile devices, you might like to hear that the site is now iPhone, and other mobile types, friendly. When you access the site from a mobile device the content is displayed in a form suitable for the restrictions of small “viewports”, not wishing to be smug, but that is what the screen is called from a web point of view!… Read the full article

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Thought for the Day!

Ruins of St Mary's Abbey York

Whilst strolling around York yesterday afternoon, on a dull St Valentine’s Day, I took the opportunity to get some pictures of St Mary’s a ruined Benedictine Abbey [Wikipedia reference], in the grounds of the Yorkshire Museum, the photo above is of the west wall and the return with the open arch on the north elevation.… Read the full article

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Eating meat, should I feel bad?

Bull in Parlngton Pasture

I pass up and down the driveway to the Triumphal Arch regularly and pass the cattle in the field, presently this quiet and tranquil herd of cattle is made up of around 30 or so animals, I’ve never counted them so I may be adrift on the numbers, I’ll ask the farmer next time we meet!… Read the full article

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Lost Gadget

The picture shown here was discovered today [6th November], that is a device with an SD Memory card in it with the picture on the card. It was found poking out of the mud on Parlington Lane, at the rear of the Dark Arch, so if you know who these people are, I may be able to restore to them the device they lost, and yes despite lying in the mud it still works!… Read the full article

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Changing Servers, (a good reason to let sleeping dogs lie!)

I decided to retire one of the servers, an old original series one Apple XServe, I say old it’s about 5 years. However the retirement plan worked out to be more messy than I had hoped. Everything including a multitude of sites were re-located on a new server at a different venue, all was well until I discovered that everything on the new system required case sensitivity, whereas on the Unix based Mac it did not, that is to say the database calls and referenced files, which had been uploaded by clients might have been mypicture.JPG… Read the full article