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More on the Bias of the BBC

I wrote recently, not expecting any landslide of rubbled response, but in order to add my observations to the many in the bloggesphere at the disgraceful manner in which the BBC deliberately sides with leftist agendas, in almost all the serious reporting that it outputs. My earlier post titled: “Pictures Representing Mood” set out the blatant abuse by the BBC of its charter obligations in respect of its reporting and commenting on all matters associated with the Earth’s climate, and in particular the shoddy treatment of a lone blogger, Tony Newbury, who had attempted to obtain information about a meeting held by the BBC to set future policy on its climate reporting.… Read the full article

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Comments on Parlington

Over the last nine years I have regularly received comments from the form on the Parlington History site, virtually all have been beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Offering useful family history that ties in to the data I have uncovered.
  • Providing new images of the old hall.
  • Clarifying some of my assumptions.
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The DiCamillo Companion Web site

Some years ago I was asked to do reciprocal links with a site in the States called DiCamillo Companion, then recently I received an email from a fellow Country House enthusiast, Melanie McGurr who has the site: Country House Lane, she had visited a lecture in Cincinnati where Curt DiCammilo spoke on “Lords, Ladies, and Mummies: Highclere Castle, the Real Downton Abbey.”… Read the full article

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Government Control of the Internet?

The following YouTube video about the sinister machinations of the global political elite, or more P.C. the world’s governments, to restrict the Internet is worth watching. Keep an eye out for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), it’s being organized by a government-controlled UN agency called the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).… Read the full article

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Pesky CO2;

The endless diatribe from so many sources about the coming armageddon, brought on by mankind’s enrichment of the atmosphere with CO² has always left me cold! The notion of empirical science, went out of the window when we were told of the “consensus” of climate scientists. No matter what blunders they made, like the disclosure of megabytes of emails showing the players concealing data and obfuscating anything that might have shown that CO² was not the culprit.… Read the full article

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1916 Miner’s Death at Garforth Colliery

A recent purchase of a facsimile of a notice of compensation to the dependants of a miner, Eder Gee, killed at work in the Garforth Colliery in July 1916, adds to the compilation of data I am collecting about the collieries owned by the Gascoigne family. I have underway a major article about the mines which will be added to the history site in due course.


No York on Google Maps

I was browsing Google Maps the other day and I noticed that York, one of England’s most celebrated cities does not warrant a label on Google Maps! Something of a serious oversight I believe!

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No, I’m not Going to Vote!

Today I have been debating with my alter ego, Subject: Should I exercise my democratic duty and vote in the “Police and Crime Commissioner” election. Well no!

Simply put North Yorkshire is a considerable area, one of the largest geographical constituencies in the country, but our options regarding the candidates for the aforesaid commissioner, are two middle aged ladies, each affiliated to the party machines, Conservative and Labour.… Read the full article

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Pictures Representing Mood

Here is a very dark view of the tunnel on Parlington Lane, built between circa 1812-14. This artistic view at the east end, represents my dark mood when I heard of yet more scandal at the BBC. [Click on the picture for a larger version]

It really is time to let the forces of commercialism act upon the funding for the out of control leviathan.… Read the full article

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Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day, it is fitting to recall here the loss of one of the Parlington Estate workers in March 1918. The details were uncovered during my Parlington Research by a fellow historian. His loss acts as a reminder of the many, so many, lost in battles, none more futile than those scythed away in the First World War.… Read the full article