Reflecting on the Past

Sisters Pit, Garforth
Sisters’ Pit Garforth, Postcard view, probably around the beginning of the twentieth century, taken from the road bridge, which is still in use today.

I was in the local supermarket recently and asked a question of the checkout lady, see my earlier post about the purchase of alcohol, then on a more recent visit, whilst stuffing my purchases into the thin plastic carrier bags I thought, what would the present incumbent at the till know about what preceded the supermarket, structurally speaking; sadly the word preceded proved to be the stumbling block to this line of questioning, so I tried again and instead said.… Read the full article

Greg Pytel’s Blog

Nibbling away the Pound

Daily I listen to the radio and in the evenings usually manage to catch one of the many, news related programmes; one thing which seems to permeate the entire spectrum is the desire to re-assure the listeners/viewers that things are turning around. Be patient and the troubles of the recession will be behind us, a brave new period of growth awaits us!… Read the full article

You couldn’t make it Up!

The almost bare provisions cupboard in the kitchen and half empty shelves in the fridge, drove me on an involuntary trip to the local supermarket in Garforth, Tesco. Whilst at the checkout I recalled a recent item on the news about a shopper and her daughter being refused the purchase of a bottle of wine because the daughter, although she was not the purchaser, was unable to provide evidence of her age.… Read the full article