Change of Type Style

If you enjoy reading articles on the web, you may feel that the typefaces used leave much to be desired. So much creativity is lost due to restrictions in the use of copyright protected type. Reading on computers has never been as easy as on traditional paper, much effort went into the early Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) to create a font which would look good for the interface elements, such as the menu items.… Read the full article

Digitizing Old LP’s

I have been sorting out my old collection of vinyl records, ready for digitization and came across one which I believe is quite rare. The album was produced in 1971 by Traditional Sound Recordings of Macclesfield, titled, “The Parting Glass” by Jon Rennard a Leeds based folk artist of some talent, who was killed that year.… Read the full article

Local Archaeologist Gets Involved

Wall Painting Fragment of Lime Plaster
I was recently introduced to a local archaeologist who lives in Aberford and we have since discussed some of my findings at Parlington, on Sunday this last weekend I showed her some pieces of the fragments of hand painted lime plaster discovered in the demolition rubble. They ares quite possibly seventeenth or early eighteenth century.… Read the full article

Parlington BBQ Sauce

During the summer months the opportunity to have a BBQ is rarely missed, even if there is no-one else to enjoy it, or when the weather is less than favourable, I just love cooking on my Weber kettle barbecue, the Rolls Royce of barbecue equipment. So following a recent do, I was asked by one of the guests if they could have my recipe for BBQ sauce, so I said I would send it to them, at this point a couple of other friends chimed in that they also would like to know the recipe so here it is now everyone can get the benefit.… Read the full article

Re-Discovering Your Roots

A couple of months back (June 2009) I was contacted by a reader of the Parlington History site explaining that he had lived in the old hall when he was a child in the early fifties. He pointed out that he had been born at Hazelwood Castle (Used as a maternity Hospital in the post war period) and had come to Parlington after he and his mother left the hospital.… Read the full article

Historian visits the Triumphal Arch

An american authoress, Prof. Stephanie Barczewski, a specialist in modern British history at Clemson University in South Carolina, USA, visited Parlington last weekend to learn about the Triumphal Arch for a new book she is undertaking. We met and discussed what I know of the history of the monument and the reasons for it being built.… Read the full article

Parlington, day to day observations on topical issues.

Every day I meet people who are, to be frank, less than impressed by the state that the country is in. They readily blame our politicians and suggest that in previous times things were better! I don’t think we can make objective global comparisons between how things are today compared to how they might have been in say, “1908”, things are what they are; but we can look at some of the differences and contrast them.… Read the full article

The Met Office and another Poor Summer

This video on youTube expresses my sentiments about the hysteria surrounding anthropogenic climate change!

I would add that although I have some reservations about anthropogenic climate change, (climate always changes), it does not follow that I am in favour of the rampant destruction of the earth’s resources. I am extremely concerned about the loss of rain forest for example, having witnessed first hand the deforestation in Malaysia in the early nineties, when I worked in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.… Read the full article