Advertiser Mag :: 2018 #04

Last month we concluded our look at Parlington lane at the Gamekeeper’s lodge. Amongst the recent changes at Parlington has been the heritage listing of various buildings and structures, these are Home Farm, the nearby Stallion Pens, Barwick Lodge, Wakefield Lodge, the Ice House and jointly listed the Light and Dark Arches, all Grade II.… Read the full article

Spring Blossom ~ Wisteria

A spring blossom of Wisteria Sinensis in Aberford

During this very pleasant warm spell, which has seen a tremendous bounty of spring blossom across the country, I was delighted to find on a recent visit, some fabulous examples of Wisteria growing in verdant splendour on many fine old Georgian houses in and around Cheltenham. However I have rarely seen any competing examples here in Yorkshire.… Read the full article

For Sale: Lawnflite 603

Lawnflite 603 Mower

Downsizing means I have no use for such a large lawnmower, hence the sale of my MTD Lawnflite 603, bought new from a local dealer in 2005, the equipment is in excellent condition and comprises the motor unit with a cutting deck and fan assisted grass clippings removal. Demountable rear grass collector or external chute, to leave clippings on the ground.… Read the full article

Rest in Peace Meg

After a bad couple of weeks, our dog Meg has today passed away, she was around 14 years old or 98 in dog years, she has always been a true and faithful friend to all the family, and our friends also, so her passing is a great loss. I have selected a suitable location to bury her here at Parlington, following in the long tradition that the Gascoigne family undertook with their pets, as far back as the nineteenth century at least, to my knowledge.… Read the full article

Geophysical Research

The old hall footprint is well established as a result of the ground plan produced by George Fowler Jones architectural parctice in 1885, this is still in existence and held I believe at Temple Newsam. I obtained a digital copy of the reference photograph some years ago and have used it extensively to assist in discovering how the parts of the hall were aligned on the ground.… Read the full article

“Woody” Recent visitor to Parlington

You can often hear woodpeckers in the trees around Parlington, knocking seven bells out of a branch or bough, but you rarely see them. However, “Woody the frequent flyer to the peanut island on a pole” has become a garden favourite but less so to the more common birds queuing in the surrounding bushes awaiting their turn on the feeders.… Read the full article