Ready Set Go! Election 2010

Grunge View of the Triumphal Arch

Day two of the 2010 election campaign, and as I drove up past a rather sinister looking Triumphal Arch, see picture above, I took a few moments out to grab a shot of it. I believe it was trying to tell me something, it was erected as a rejection of the policies of Lord North and the monarch George III, with their unpopular civil war against the American Colonialists.… Read the full article

Brodsworth Hall, Yorkshire

Brodsworth Hall Fern Garden

If you enjoy visiting the many heritage sites around the UK and you are in the vicinity of Yorkshire, Brodsworth Hall is a must, and a full circuit of the gardens should not be overlooked, the above picture is of the Grotto, which is fashioned within what was the quarry which provided stone for the hall.… Read the full article