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View to the north east, from the Former Aberford Almhouses Tower
View to the north east, from the Former Aberford Almhouses Tower

History is a not an exact business, a perceived view can prevail for long enough and then a newly discovered fact may render all that went before as pure fiction. One such instance in the local area is the building which used to be the Aberford Almshouses, lately an office for a vehicle monitoring service.… Read the full article

R. O. Cockren, Aberford

I recently acquired an obvious studio portrait photograph of nineteenth century vintage of an elderly gentleman taken by the Aberford photographer R. O. Cockren, as below:

I have so far found that in 1834 listed in the Gazetteer of the County of York, a certain William Cockren was a Victualler at the Fox Inn, Aberford.… Read the full article

Spring Blossom ~ Wisteria

A spring blossom of Wisteria Sinensis in Aberford

During this very pleasant warm spell, which has seen a tremendous bounty of spring blossom across the country, I was delighted to find on a recent visit, some fabulous examples of Wisteria growing in verdant splendour on many fine old Georgian houses in and around Cheltenham. However I have rarely seen any competing examples here in Yorkshire.… Read the full article

Lost Circular Polaroid Filter

If you enjoy the walk along Parlington Lane, from the junction with the old Great North Road in Aberford, west under the Light Arch, along and behind, the Dark Arch, or if you are unafraid of spooks, through the mud inside the arch; then past the Gamekeeper’s Cottage and along past the two Staithes Cottages, and down the hill to Throstle Nest.… Read the full article

Former Almshouses (Great North Road :: A1)

Former Gascoigne Almshouses

When travelling along the old Great North Road (A1) it is always worthwhile checking to see how the light is cast over the former Almshouses. I don’t suppose for one moment that the original inhabitants ever considered how the place looked in the face of the direction of the sunlight; but they must have been very pleased that the old place afforded them shelter in a less hospitable world than the one we live in today!… Read the full article

Wetherby Craft Fair (Part One)

Lotherton Lane Sunrise

I took some of my pictures to Wetherby Craft Fair yesterday, these range in size from postcard to A3+ [330mm x 483mm] and are views of local scenes and some other prominent features that have caught my eye whilst out and about. There was good deal of interest but the throughput of visitors was not as I had hoped, it was a lovely day, for a change, and most people were interested in outdoor activities, and no doubt awaiting the evening England v USA match.… Read the full article

Ivy Cottage, Aberford

Ivy Cottage, Cattle Lane, Aberford

A recent win on eBay of the photo-postcard, shown above, dated 1904 has been added to the Parlington history site, and contrasts this former Gascoigne property with the location today. It was sold in 1964 in the major auction in October that year; details of the auction were added in an earlier post: the-biggest-sell-off-of-aberford-that-ever-was.… Read the full article

The Biggest Sell off …of Aberford that ever was!

1964 Auction Sale Catalogue Cover

On the 2nd of October 1964, The Parlington Estate and much of Aberford, along with a few properties in Saxton were put under the auctioneers hammer! This is a list of the property on offer.

The Auction Properties

  • Lot 1 Superb site for residence of character (Parlington Hall site)
  • Lot 2 Gardens House (Principal source for fruit and vegetables from the walled gardens since the late 18th century)
  • 7 Highly productive arable and stock farms (let and producing £5,746.00 [£87,250 at todays rates, 2009, based on the retail price index] per annum) lots 3-9.
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