July 2020 Advertiser Article

Following the outbreak of the pandemic due to Covid-19 the distribution of the Advertiser magazine was suspended. I put previous articles on the site here for people to re-visit the information I had written about Parlington and also for those who are outside the circulation area of the magazines.

From July the Advertiser is re-commencing its normal circulation so I have decided to put the articles on here, but with a delay over the printed version to prevent these articles from eclipsing the paper version.… Read the full article

I just had to add this!

This is a real laugh, it sums up exactly the corrupt science of global warming. Bye the way I emailed the met office about how the notian that CO² can re-heat the Earth as it absorbs the outgoing infra-red radiation, simply asked if they could explain it in the context of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.… Read the full article

Spent Cartridges

Recent excavations in the area of the Dining Room at the old Hall have uncovered some spent 303 calibre cartridge cases. Thus far two have been unearthed, one in much better condition than the other, the picture below is of the two cartridges.


The spent cartridges point to the occupation during World War Two of the Army at Parlington.… Read the full article

The Ramps in Parlington Park

I recently received an enquiry from a reader [Bill of Aberford] who, whilst walking the dog around Parlington, wondered what the brick and concrete ramp structures were for.

This was my response:
In a few words, during WW2 the area was occupied by an Army Repair Depot and the ramps were for maintaining vehicles, I am told that towards the end of the war there were Half-tracked vehicles parked side by side the entire length of the fence line on the north side of the drive.… Read the full article