Advertiser Mag :: 2019 #16

View to the north east, from the Former Aberford Almhouses Tower
View to the north east, from the Former Aberford Almhouses Tower

History is a not an exact business, a perceived view can prevail for long enough and then a newly discovered fact may render all that went before as pure fiction. One such instance in the local area is the building which used to be the Aberford Almshouses, lately an office for a vehicle monitoring service.… Read the full article

Former Almshouses (Great North Road :: A1)

Former Gascoigne Almshouses

When travelling along the old Great North Road (A1) it is always worthwhile checking to see how the light is cast over the former Almshouses. I don’t suppose for one moment that the original inhabitants ever considered how the place looked in the face of the direction of the sunlight; but they must have been very pleased that the old place afforded them shelter in a less hospitable world than the one we live in today!… Read the full article

Secret Writing

A friend in Aberford, Mark Jackson, has collected cards of local interest for some time and this one shown below has a coded message as set out below.


(Ap)I (ap)am s(ap)end(ap)ing th(ap)is
c(ap)ard s(ap)o y(ap)ou c(ap)an s(ap)ee
a(ap) b(ap)eaut(ap)if(ap)ul b(ap)uild(ap)ing
f(ap)or th(ap)e p(ap)oor
c(ap)it (ap)is j(ap)ust (ap)on th(ap)e (ap)oth(ap)er s(ap)ide
fr(ap)om m(ap)e
(ap)it (ap)acc(ap)omm(ap)od(ap)at(ap)es tw(ap)o b(ap)egg(ap)ers.… Read the full article