Spent Cartridges

Recent excavations in the area of the Dining Room at the old Hall have uncovered some spent 303 calibre cartridge cases. Thus far two have been unearthed, one in much better condition than the other, the picture below is of the two cartridges.


The spent cartridges point to the occupation during World War Two of the Army at Parlington.… Read the full article

Changing Servers, (a good reason to let sleeping dogs lie!)

I decided to retire one of the servers, an old original series one Apple XServe, I say old it’s about 5 years. However the retirement plan worked out to be more messy than I had hoped. Everything including a multitude of sites were re-located on a new server at a different venue, all was well until I discovered that everything on the new system required case sensitivity, whereas on the Unix based Mac it did not, that is to say the database calls and referenced files, which had been uploaded by clients might have been mypicture.JPG… Read the full article