A Sign of the Times – Nothing really changes!

A quotation I recently chanced upon, set out below:

He says that, on his arrival at Cambridge, he found that the undergraduates drank hard, and that their conversation was even worse than their lives. As for work, they did none at all, but passed their time in cock-fighting, drinking, and creating disturbances.

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I just had to add this!

This is a real laugh, it sums up exactly the corrupt science of global warming. Bye the way I emailed the met office about how the notian that CO² can re-heat the Earth as it absorbs the outgoing infra-red radiation, simply asked if they could explain it in the context of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.… Read the full article

Rest in Peace Meg

After a bad couple of weeks, our dog Meg has today passed away, she was around 14 years old or 98 in dog years, she has always been a true and faithful friend to all the family, and our friends also, so her passing is a great loss. I have selected a suitable location to bury her here at Parlington, following in the long tradition that the Gascoigne family undertook with their pets, as far back as the nineteenth century at least, to my knowledge.… Read the full article

Sunrise at Parlington and everyday country life.

Sunrise at Parlington Saturday 9th January

The temperature at 7:00 am today was around -5.0° and leaving the estate by car, the padlock securing the gates on the driveway was frozen, fortunately previous experience has taught me to have a warming device to hand, to free the mechanism. After a couple of minutes with my camping lighter, which is like a mini blowlamp, the lock mechanism freed up and I was able to open the gates and proceed beyond Narnia, which is how Parlington seems at this time of year, and over to Saxton.… Read the full article