Advertiser Mag :: 2018 #05

The Flyline, Parlington Hollins, route of the Railway

Previous episodes have detailed the route along Parlington Lane to the Gamekeeper’s Cottage, beyond, the lane continues westward down the hill to Throstlenest Farm, over the Cock Beck and on to Long Lane. The route of the former railway, known locally as the ”flyline” passes through Hollins and is a right of way, so we will trace its route towards Garforth.… Read the full article

Caveat Emptor


The image above is a screen shot of an eBay sale for a book about the long gone Aberford Railway. Sadly, and that’s why I say “caveat emptor” in my title to this post, it is not what it seems. Here is a description from the sale:

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

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Lost Circular Polaroid Filter

If you enjoy the walk along Parlington Lane, from the junction with the old Great North Road in Aberford, west under the Light Arch, along and behind, the Dark Arch, or if you are unafraid of spooks, through the mud inside the arch; then past the Gamekeeper’s Cottage and along past the two Staithes Cottages, and down the hill to Throstle Nest.… Read the full article

A Walk on the Old Railway Line

View Through the Light Arch

A recent stroll along the old Fly-line armed with my camera, gave me time to reflect on the beauty of nature, and no matter how many times I choose the old railway route and Parlington Lane I am always enchanted by the landscape, particularly this view as you come out of the Light Arch heading towards Aberford.… Read the full article

The Manning Wardle Ghost Train

Ghost Train

I know I stated that the previous post was my last entry, given I have now left Parlington, well I had a weird dream last night where I was standing above the railway line on the south side of the Dark Arch and I watched the ghostly train go by! Yes very far fetched but I awoke this morning thinking it had really happened!… Read the full article

Former Railway Carriage

Towards the end of the Fly Line at Hawke’s Nest are the remains of an old railway carriage, as shown below. This was for many years used as accommodation, by who I do not know, if anyone has information I would love to here about it.

The carriage was not one that graced the railway, that particular item ended its days in the garden of a house in Aberford, which house I am again unsure!… Read the full article

Heavy Rain and Flooding

Another day of very heavy rain has washed tonnes of material down the valley of the River Crow. An unusual name for a very small river, more of a stream, it sounds as if it should be in Colorado, with mean faced Indians on horseback waiting to strike. Sadly the folk likely to strike hereabouts are gypsies, it seems they made off with a Quad bike from the local farm, also threatened the owners with “sticks”,  so I’m told, when the farmer tried to recover his goods.… Read the full article

Aberford Railway

I [Richard] have been doing a little bit of research regarding the wagons visible in the pictures of the Aberford Railway. Most of the open wagons cannot be identified beyond being typical open wagons of the era.

I’ve had more luck with the coal hoppers. The wagons in the foreground of the “Garforth Colliery” picture (Page 72, Hudson’s book) are NER Diagram P4 10.5 ton coal hoppers (some of the ones at the colliery look to be of the same type – the curved ends and general proportions are distinctive)

Many of these survived into LNER ownership, but they were virtually extinct by Nationalisation (1948).… Read the full article