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BBC The World in a Hundred Objects

For those interested in all things historical, I’ve added a short article about the Brewster Stereo Photo Viewer to the new BBC “A History of the World” web site which acompanies the rather good Radio Four series, “A History of the World in a 100 Objects”.

The site and in particular my article about the viewer is here: Brewster 3D Viewer

The article on my on the main Parlington History site is here:
Artefacts Section

The idea is a naked attempt to push more visitors to the History site, as people keep telling me that the profile of the site is too low!

One thought on “BBC – A History of the World”

  1. The viewer along with a selection of the stereo cards has been part of a collection on display at Crossgates Library throughout the summer and attracted quite a lot of interest.

    I tried a pair of modern stereo glasses with a Samsung 3D TV recently, a snip at £2,000+ I’ll wait a while for the price to become more affordable, before I think of investing.

    I wonder how much the old Brewster viewer would have cost in the mid nineteenth century.

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