Parlington Artefacts Display at Crossgates

This coming Friday, 28th May, I will be setting up a new exhibit at Crossgates Heritage Centre of my Parlington artefacts, for the East Leeds History and Archaeology Society. The picture below is a view of the Centre at Crossgates Library, and I presume, my items will be placed in one of the glass cabinets. Whilst this is somewhat smaller than the four cabinets on display at Lotherton Hall, I’m sure I can put enough into it to make it a worthwhile exhibit.

Crossgates Heritage Centre

The Society Aims and Objectives

The Society was formed in 1997 and exists to research and promote knowledge of the past through lectures, displays and a twice-yearly publication (The Leeds History Journal). In addition, the Society also runs the East Leeds Heritage Centre at Cross Gates Library, where regular displays and exhibitions take place.

If you are in the area and missed the exhibits I had on display at Lotherton Hall you may find this a useful substitute.