The Round House

Round House with roof?

The Round House, designed by William Lindley, or as it is referred to by English Heritage, the Deer Shelter and others as a cattle shelter, as it might have looked after it was built in c1802. After a brief inspection over the weekend, dodging the showers, I managed to inspect some stonework lying in the central area and was pleased to discover what appears to be a quadrant shaped stone. This could well have been part of a circular central column which supported a conical shaped roof, perhaps a thatched roof, but I prefer to theorize that it would have been in Westmoreland slate, as there are quite a few fragments of slate used in the lime mortar to support the stonework until it set. Many other structures around that are key to the family were roofed in the same slate, the ice house is one, as was the shelter in the main Deer Park.


The two drawings were created in Google Sketchup and are my idea of how it might have looked, what do you think?