Parlington Talk at Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Celebrates 40 Years

I am giving a talk at Lotherton Hall on Saturday 31st October, 2:00-3:00 pm, it is open to all comers and is advertised at Lotherton and on their web site. The talk is a computer based ‘slide’ show, dealing with the uncovering and discovery of the demolished mansion house of the Gascoigne family and tracks what has been unearthed, literally in some cases, in recent years. Included are some unique photographs taken in the nineteenth century, that have provided new insights into the hall! There is also the ongoing mini exhibition of Parlington artefacts on the first floor landing in the display cases at Lotherton Hall.

One thought on “Parlington Talk at Lotherton Hall”

  1. Even though I say it myself, the talk was a resounding success; in fact the visitors were so engaged with the stories associated with Parlington as we toured Lotherton Hall after the discussion, that it was gone 4:00pm before I got back to the room to dismantle my computer and projector. What made the talk infinitely better was to have real objects, like the fireplaces, paintings and furniture, now residing at Lotherton, in their ‘second’ home, to discuss in respect of their original location.

    One particularly pleasing piece of furniture is a half round table, with integral fire-guard and a moveable tray that slides around the inner circle of the table, to enable those seated to be offered the wine decanter, without having to stir from the warming radiant heat of the fire, as the table was designed to be located right in front of the open fireplace. No doubt in the very cold winters of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century the table would have been well used. It makes me smile to imagine the men after dinner toasting their nuts, so to speak, whilst quaffing another glass of fine burgundy or port!

    This piece is in the Dining Room at Lotherton and along with various paintings, especially the Irish House of Commons, Dublin; the magnificent mahogany table and chairs and fireplace, are almost as if the room had simply been transplanted from Parlington!

    Thanks to everyone who turned up and made the whole event so pleasureable, a special thanks to Adam White and the staff at Lotherton.

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