Boxing Day Hunt


Given the mild weather over Christmas it was a good fine occasion for the Boxing Day Hunt at Parlington, the above shot was taken as the riders were passing along Parlington Lane, to the west of the Dark Arch. There were no incidents, in fact a farmer friend of mine could not recall the hunt ever having made a kill, I do recall a few years ago a fleet footed specimen tearing across the old deer park near to a small clump of chestnut trees.

Some years back I witnessed the mess left by a fox, on the inhabitants of a hen house, killing all and leaving them scattered about like abandoned puppets, I’m not even sure any were eaten, just killed by the fox. I don’t think hunts should be banned, just class jealousy I think. I suppose in time the wild life on the Serengeti will be similarly restrained, as the march of political correctness continues!

A few more photos: