BBC Bias and the Late Lady Thatcher

BBC Web Site Picture

Here is a picture used by the BBC on the occasion of the sad death at 87 of a great British Leader of the twentieth century, Baroness Thatcher.

The Commentator Web Site Picture

Then look at a picture used on another web site, The Commentator which announced the news of the death of Lady Thatcher.

The first photograph of Lady Thatcher was apparently taken on or about the time of her last birthday, at 87 some months ago, not the most flattering image, almost certainly chosen to mimic the style of Fluck and Law’s, Spitting Image portrayal of her in the 80’s. A tacit sign of contempt by the luvvies at the not so nice BBC.

I didn’t like everything she did, but you cannot escape the fact that we were in a mess before she took over, and our stature in the World improved dramatically under her tenure.

Later, by a few hours and the photograph I referred to on the BBC has been swopped out for a more appropriate one, looks like someone recognised their bias was hanging out, and quickly covered up the evidence, well its there for all to see at the head of this blog.

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