Former Railway Carriage

Towards the end of the Fly Line at Hawke’s Nest are the remains of an old railway carriage, as shown below. This was for many years used as accommodation, by who I do not know, if anyone has information I would love to here about it.

The carriage was not one that graced the railway, that particular item ended its days in the garden of a house in Aberford, which house I am again unsure!

Hawkes Nest Carriage
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2 thoughts on “Former Railway Carriage”

  1. I know who used to live in the Railway carriage near to Hawk’s Nest Wood in response to your article in January. It was the McGowan family. Mrs McGowan is in her nineties and lives in an old peoples home in Garforth. Think that she also has a couple of daughters still alive.

  2. Thanks to Gerry for that info, as to why his post didn’t stick I don’t know so I posted it with my log-in but the credit goes to Gerry for the details.


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