New Design

I have reverted back to the earlier design style, as a number of vistors said they preferred it, also I found some deficiencies with it so I was easily persuaded to press the delete button!

This new design is to reflect the changes that have occurred recently, not living at Parlington any more, I felt it necessary to keep adding new information as I came by it but also to enlarge the scope of the site. So local is kind of flexible… depends on your point of view, I may add things generally from around the area that I think may be of interest.

Just Email Me!

If you have any views on the design, that you think I should know, just email me! Part of the reason for the re-design is to make the blog suited to wider monitors, were leaving behind the 800 x 600 screens! My stats tell me very few viewers use this size, the latest report for the last thirty days has no screen resolutions of that size, smallest being 1024 x 768.