A Walk on the Old Railway Line

View Through the Light Arch

A recent stroll along the old Fly-line armed with my camera, gave me time to reflect on the beauty of nature, and no matter how many times I choose the old railway route and Parlington Lane I am always enchanted by the landscape, particularly this view as you come out of the Light Arch heading towards Aberford. The contrast between the long shadows cast from the old stone bridge and the trees following the curve of Parlington Lane, always makes an interesting view.

Of course had you ventured this route in the nineteenth century, you would almost certainly have run foul of one of the Parlington Gamekeepers. Had you worked for the Gascoigne family down one of the pits, you would have been allowed to pass, similarly if you worked on the land for the Gascoignes’ you would have been allowed to continue on your way.

Looking roughly east as the photo does, the trains passed (Manning Wardle Mulciber, Ignifer, and last Empress, all between 1870-1924) in the low cutting below the roadway on the north side of the lane. Further information of the railway is available here on the Parlington History site.