Huhne Ex-Minister... Horray!Image file courtesy of Wikipedia

I wrote about the ‘orrible hewn last year following his adamant rejection of his alleged crime, well he’s finally done the right thing! What does it take with these people, are they so arrogant that they plough on regardless, believing themselves bullet proof, until the last moment before the Judge in court. Any self respecting and honest person would have cried, “game up” once his little wheeze had been uncovered. Also whereas to most losing your driving license is a very daunting prospect, his role as an MP would have seen him happily ferried about without a care in the world… we would not have seen him on a bus, oh my, not a bus, not public transport!

Anyone, and almost all drivers, realise that speed cameras are a blight on our society, the safety aspects trotted out by the usual suspects are greatly over stated. Driving at speed might be dangerous in certain situations, and I can think of many, but a moments inattention at thirty five miles per hour on a main city highway, as I did in Sheffield some years back, cost me 3 points and a fixed penalty, which partly ruined my weekend at a friends wedding! Anyhow no-one would have batted much of a raised eyebrow at the ‘orrible hewn for a simple speeding offence, but his ability to turn a minor issue into major problem, perhaps tells us more about him than had hitherto been known.

His endeavours as the not Liberal and not Democrat Environmental Minister with his damnable wind farms have left us a dreadful legacy, useless and expensive! I’ll say no more, we are well rid.

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