Pictures Representing Mood

Here is a very dark view of the tunnel on Parlington Lane, built between circa 1812-14. This artistic view at the east end, represents my dark mood when I heard of yet more scandal at the BBC. [Click on the picture for a larger version]

It really is time to let the forces of commercialism act upon the funding for the out of control leviathan. Remove the license fee, make it optional, say pay per view, pay per channel, with a similar device to the Sky box, anything but a tax, especially as it is a criminal offence to watch television in your own home without a paid up license. Even using a live feed on a computer means you need a license! I have a good friend who has never had a television, yet she was pursued for years by the license authority, they simply refused to believe she could live without a television!

I object to paying for the full gamut of services which are offered by the broadcaster. I enjoy some of its output, drama, comedy etc., but I do not have any time for its massively biased political output. Much of it, should I have the misfortune to catch an earful, is so bent to the left as to make the light bending properties of a prism, to be argued as a straight line. Their alternative universe of cosy self righteousness, is sickening to behold.

Then hot on the heals of the Savile affair and the blunders by Newsnight, so desperate to malign the Thatcher Government, we get the so called “twentyeightgate”. Here after expending shed loads, and I mean very large sheds, of tax payers money to prevent a simple freedom of Information request by a fellow Blogger, Tony Newbury, for information of a BBC seminar of 2006 from reaching the eye of the general public. [The subject of the request was to determine the attendees at a seminar to set the agenda for dealing with so called global warming climate change reporting; ostensibly the vehicle for preventing any dissenting voices over whether or not man is creating a catastrophic future due to emissions of CO²] For a full six years, with a team of up to six lawyers they have battled against his request, winning out in court by arguing that for the purposes of this [the FOI request] matter the corporation was…

Tribunal judge David Marks QC supported the broadcaster, cut off several avenues of questioning from Newbery, and agreed with the BBC that it can be considered a “private organisation”

The mood of anger gave way to tears of mirth as I discovered that the information so assiduously concealed by the BBC was after all to be found on the Way Back web archive, having been published by the ITB [International Broadcasting Trust]. The whole business stinks, cover up, lies, contempt for the public, disregard for the scientific principle, et al.

“Auntie” in the Dock

The real villain, who should be in the Dock over these various matters, is “Auntie”… so often termed in a benign way, our national broadcaster, however beneath the surface, she is a seething propagandist. The above picture from an original dry point by S Van Abbé, titled “Cross Examination”, is a great representation of the lady; “Auntie” in the dock! Just look at her arrogance, how like the BBC.

Full details of this despicable action by the BBC can be found at various places on the internet, The Register is a good stating point, and for more detail on the whole cover-up look at the Bishop Hill Blog, then if you haven’t tired of the whole saga it is worth a trip to Watts Up With That? For the record the super sleuth who uncovered the list send hearty thanks to Maurizio Morobito. Finally but not least to the intrepid blogger who so doggedly chipped away at the grey towers of BBC arrogance for these last six years, Tony Newbury of Harmless Sky

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