Lost Painting of Parlington Update

Sunday 24th October at Lotherton Hall, was the day that the watercolour, the subject of two earlier posts, was re-united with the Gascoignes, albeit to their legacy at Lotherton Hall. A small group of those involved in bringing the painting to its former home, and others with a general interest in the return of the painting gathered to see the gifting of ownership from the Clarke family to Lotherton, and therefore for the people of Leeds. The above is a quick shot of me (Looking decidedly serious, with furrowed brow) holding the picture in its original frame, wood but gold finished. Typical of the period, so I was informed by Dr Adam White the Curator at Lotherton. The watercolour will be restored in due course and I hope to get some better photos of it when it not behind glass.

Details of Philip Norman on Wikipedia are here.